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Mantuli Luxury Apartments
Project Overview

This project is nestled within the lush tropical splendour of Pemba Island, forming an integral part of the Mantuli Luxury Estate. The luxurious apartment blocks have been seamlessly integrated into the dense tropical forest that uniquely characterizes this location. They engage in a delicate dance, seeking the perfect balance between privacy and harmonious coexistence with the lush vegetation of the tropical forest. The architectural design, in and of itself, reflects an organic platform that weaves its way among the blocks, creating spaces for communal activities and social interactions. These organic platforms echo the contours of the natural mangroves that grace the site’s fringes, drawing constant inspiration from nature to blur the lines between constructed form and its natural surroundings. A meticulously planned framework governs the placement of the units, arranging them on a grid system to ensure both functionality and a diverse façade. The overall appearance of the blocks appears as a solid mass that has been sculpted to reveal openings and outdoor areas. Seamlessly integrating the built environment with the natural landscape. The material selection comprises various shades of green aluminium cladding and natural timber, mirroring the rich green hues of the surrounding forest. This choice embraces the natural surroundings while delivering an elegant and opulent aesthetic. Through careful consideration of materials and the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, visitors can experience spaces that exude sophistication and comfort. One can come here to immerse themselves in nature and quietly appreciate the architecture that honors its rooted connection to this remarkable place.

Project Details
Lead Architect:
Design COnsultant:
Renders: D Room Studio
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